Cupula Domo Malagueira XR
Desenhos ASV - Drawing Matter

Álvaro Siza Vieira

I m a g i n a r   e v i d ê n c i a

" Siza’s plan is sensitive to a sense of continuity from the old historic city, with subtle interpretations, but distinctively modern. He lists a series of items – “a water line, a cork tree, a water tank at a high point … an orange grove.” (Siza, 1998:113) – that illustrate pre-existing surviving testimonies of what happened in the past that could anchor the future. "

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(*)Original drawings made by Álvaro Siza Vieira, who retains its authorship, and are archived at Drawing Matter (

MALAGUEIRA - PATRIMÓNIO DE TODOS, Ref.ª PTDC 2017 – PTDC/ART-DAQ/32111/2017 [CHAIA/UÉ – Ref.ª (UI&D 112) / FCT].

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